Disgusting Video: Man bribes police for escort and brags about it

Police escorts are often reserved for the President, Vice President and, in some cases, very important ministerial convoys. But it seems in Ghana today, if you have money to bribe a police dispatch rider, you will escape the suffocating traffic and cause more discomfort to those in it.

In this video that has gone viral, a man who bribes the police for escort is allowed to drive through a one-way street. The man, whose face is shown in the video with a number of ladies, brags about how his money has earned him a VIP treatment.

In the video he does not only defy the traffic regulations and cause discomfort to other road users but he also uses the F-word a number of times and calls other road users “nigger.” He is cheered by the ladies, whose faces are shown in the video.

“S—t, we’re buying GH!” he says.

The next time you see someone being given police escort, don’t conclude that they are important government officials. It may be an ordinary person, perhaps a lawbreaker, who has paid a police officer to help them break more laws.

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