“Suicide is the only option for suppressing homosexuality” – Dr Ali-Gabass

Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass was jailed 25 years for defiling a boy
Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass was jailed 25 years for defiling a boy

The jailed senior medical officer of Effia Nkwanta Hospital has revealed that the only option available to people like him whose homosexual feelings are suppressed is suicide.

In the second part of lengthy chat he had with Joy FM’s Manasseh Azure Awuni who investigated Dr. Ali-Gabass’s sexual encounter with a senior high school boy, the medical doctor said he was born that way.

“You see, we have these weaknesses. You see, people don’t want to admit that we have people like me,” he told Manasseh.

“We are trying hard to suppress that urge but we were born like that. There is no way to explain to anybody. The only thing is to commit suicide because of the pain, the sort of isolation, this sort of thing you are in depresses you. “

He revealed that he had kept his feelings to himself because of society’s abhorrence of the act.

“You can’t voice this out. Even my mother doesn’t know. None of my brothers know. I have to keep this thing to myself. You understand? I try to be normal. I try hard. I’m married. I’ve children,” he said.

He revealed that the internet had made it possible for people like him to connect with one another.

“So that’s an outlet. You discuss issues … then you feel okay. At least, [it tells you that] you are not alone. It helps you. Sometimes, I even prefer it much.”

Dr. Sulley Ali-Gabass was on Monday found guilty of defiling a boy under 16 years and sentenced to 25 years jail term.

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The concluding part of the transcribed interview, in which Dr. Ali-Gabass gives very revealing details about his relationship with his victim and about his life, will be published tomorrow Thursday, July 16 on this website.


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