Dismissed CHRAJ boss appointed Presidential Advisor on Corruption and Public Accountability [Satire]

Dismissed CHRAJ Boss, Lauretta Lamptey
Dismissed CHRAJ Boss, Lauretta Lamptey
Dismissed CHRAJ boss, Lauretta Vivian Lamptey, has been appointed the Presidential Advisor on Corruption and Public Accountability. Her role is to help President Mahama execute his anti-corruption agenda and promote responsible behaviour, especially the handling of public funds, by ministers and top government officials.
Madam Lauretta Lamptey joins other high profile government officials and ministers who behaved poorly in their roles but were appointed to the Flagstaff House. Sources at the Presidency say there is a magic wand that transforms such people for the better.
“Some of you out there think the Flagstaff House is a dumping ground for non-performing professional junkies of public officers,” the source told Bongo News. “But I tell you, if you knew what really happens here, you would recommend that the psychiatric hospital be relocated here.”
In a letter of acceptance Lauretta Lamptey thanked the President for the confidence reposed in her.
“With my re-appointment and others you have done in your government, you have demonstrated that all hope is not lost for people who hold public office and fail,” the letter reads in part. “You make Ghana one of the best places on earth to hold public office and I have no doubt in my mind that our type in other countries will soon be relocating to Ghana.”
Editorial note: This is a satirical Piece.

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