July 13 is judgment day for Dr. Ali-Gabass
Dear Serwaa, You recently asked how I feel when people get into trouble as a result of the work I do. My answer was simple: I feel happy when wrongdoers get into trouble. I can’t stand corrupt and dishonest people so when they are in trouble, I am happy because
Manasseh Azure Awuni
Dear Serwaa,   It’s been long since I last wrote to you. I don’t know whether you deliberately leak the letters I send you or your friends have a way of getting them without your consent. I am saying this because since I stopped writing to you, I have received
  Dear Serwaa, I’m writing in response to what you said about the dress code of ladies in my school, the University of Ghana, Legon. Before I proceed, however, let me caution you to keep this letter more securely than a diplomatic cable. Our republic is getting scary, and there
Dear Serwaa, I was not surprised at your reaction to my last letter about the day you lost your virginity. I knew it was a moment you dread to remember but which you cannot forget. My intention, though, was not to hurt you. Never! That’s the last thing I’ll ever
Breaking Your Virginity
Dear Serwaa, Before I begin, let me apologise for what I’m about to say. It may hurt to remember certain aspects of our past, but I think it is sometimes very necessary to do so, especially when it has the potential of shaping our future. I’m not comfortable writing what
Comparing me with your Ex
Dear Serwaa, Do you remember the first thing I told you when you accepted my proposal? Well, let me remind you if you’ve forgotten. If my memory serves me right – and I’m pretty sure it does – I told you I wasn’t the best guy you were about to
Why You’re Unique
Dear Serwaa, Before I start, let me apologize sincerely for what I’m about to write. Today I want to tell you something I’ve warned you not to talk about. I said in a previous letter that I hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend in my presence and even
I don’t care about your past
Dear serwaa, For the past week, I have been thinking about the question you asked when you got into your elements last weekend. You got frustrated because I don’t understand you after all these years, and I made it clear to you that understanding you was not necessary. When my
Mr. and Mrs. Mensah’s Car Door
Dear Serwaa, There is a story of a man who spoke so well of his wife that his friends had the cause believe that she was a woman of peerless qualities. One of the things he boasted about her was her cooking prowess. One day his friends decided to pay