Samuel Nuamah
The term presidential correspondent may sound prestigious. In Ghana, however, the harrowing experience presidential reporters endure under President John Mahama is nowhere near what the connotation that name carries. While there’s no evidence that the President condones such ill-treatment of journalists, there is evidence that his media coordinators at the
Acting on the advice of the National Security Council, the Government of Ghana initiated the National Youth Employment Programme in 2006 to help deal with youth unemployment, which had become a national security threat. It was renamed the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA) in 2012. A chunk
This is an investigation into shady deals at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in 2013. It exposes the level of deterioration and infrastructural deficits at the hospital and reveals how the much needed funds need to address them are stolen by some corrupt officials.
Good music, they say, has no language barriers. But in reality traditional African music and dances hardly travel beyond their ethnic groups. But borborbor music is different. The music, which originates from the Volta Region, is performed in all parts of Ghana and is enjoyed because of its danceable rhythm.
Have you ever tried reading a prescription handed you by your medical doctor or attempted finding out your state of health from your hospital folder. Irrespective of the hospital you attend or the doctor you see, you are almost always likely to abandon the idea of reading because of the