Nigerian governor caught workers going to work late
Nigeria’s Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose on Monday 31 August paid a surprise visit at some offices where he humiliated over 31 civil servants caught coming late to work. These workers could be seen kneeling on the ground: you could hear them crying. Is that the way forward for Africa?
obama sings
President Barack Obama is a good speaker. This is well-kown. What many did not know until Saturday was that he could sing. He sang the hymn “Amazing Grace” to end his eulogy in a captivating way. “This whole week I’ve reflected on grace,” President Obama said at the beginning of
Three Men Confront 15 Lions
A faint heart, they say, cannot win a fair lady. But there are inexpressively shocking things a brave and fearless heart can do. Imagine three men charging towards over 15 lions to fight for the lions’ catch. Even if the bows and arrows in their hands are potent, how many
The Price of Education - A Joy News Story
Education is a fundamental human right, and according to the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, every child of school going age is entitled to free and accessible basic education. But this right is an illusion for most children in rural areas in Ghana. Apart from mass failures recorded due to challenges